Hey there,

The name is Josh, and I am the owner of SportGrillCovers.net.

I have a background in online marketing, and the idea for this website came about when I was at a party in the summer of 2017 and saw a friend sporing a really nice Chicago Blackhawks grill cover.  Two things came to mind at that moment:

  1. I knew I had to have at least 1 sports logo grill cover of my favorite team
  2. I thought of the ideas as a possible website once I had a chance to see the product in action

After I got my Cubs grill cover, I wanted to see how it held up to a summer of grilling.  To my happiness, the grill cover did a great job keeping my grill in good shape, but also styling it up!

In the meantime I started planning the outline of the website, and came up with the name, structure, and everything else that goes with this website.  Sports Grill Covers will soon be a household name in the team logo grill covers niche.

Contact me any time if you have any questions.

Happy grilling!