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I get it, you want to show support for your team!  Like you, I love sports, and want to show my team pride wherever I can.  A grill cover is a great way to show your support for the team you love.

A grill cover is a great gift for the sports nut in your life, and they can help keep your grill in good shape for many years (and big games) to come.

            DON’T BE LIKE THIS GRILL OWNER ================>

Your grill deserves better than that.  Don’t be that person, especially when you can dress up your grill in your team colors in a few short clicks of a button!

To narrow your search, simply select your sport from the list below:

We all know that grilling and sports goes hand in hand.  What better way to keep your grill in great working condition than using a cover that displays your favorite teams logo?

This website is all about sports grill covers, and will be bringing you the best options so you can be sure to cover your grill with something that will be a conversation starter.

Why Use a Sports Grill Cover?

The main reasons you should be using a grill cover displaying your favorite team’s logo are:

  • Show your unrelenting support for your team
  • Keep your grill in great condition
  • Make your friends jealous

I personally have 3 covers for my grill because I want to be in season.

  1. Chicago Cubs Grill Cover
  2. Chicago Bears Grill Cover
  3. Chicago Blackhawks Grill Cover

I know it might seem excessive.  My wife definitely thinks it is excessive, but hey, I like to have options.  Plus it has not been easy being a fan of my beloved Bears over the years so I like to have options.  Don’t get me wrong though, come Sunday’s every fall I tend to be sporting my Bears grill cover because I am not one of those bandwagon fans!

You are here, and you know you want to show support for your team and sport a great looking grill cover, I don’t blame you.  Simply use the navigation above to find your sport and team and you will be on your way to pimping out your grill cover to show love to your favorite squad!

Feel free to contact us any time if you have questions or need support.

Here are some of the top-selling grill covers on Amazon.  See your team?  If not, narrow your search above or select your team from the main menu.